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Deposit Token Solution for the new wholesale digital ecosystem

Adhara’s real-time solutions for Treasury and Transaction services engage with a variety of core market participants to extract structural benefit and drive both optimisation and revenue generating strategies.

Our core principles

Gold standard
Adhara has been instrumental to the development of the new digital foundations. Our natively prepared applications are uniquely positioned to maximise the ecosystem’s potential and swiftly unlock its benefits.

Adhara acts as a keystone, connecting competencies and supporting partners in the evolution and ownership of their place in the new ecosystem. Each bringing targeted value to market.

Enterprise ready
A production-ready portfolio built on non-proprietary technology. We solve problems that are most meaningful to our clients today, while contributing to and setting standards for a simplified adoption path tomorrow.

Diverse expertise
Adhara has diverse expertise across the financial services and decentralised technology sectors, including industry recognised individuals from universal banking, Blockchain, Cryptography and AI.
Our solutions

A complimentary ecosystem of solutions and services

Enabled by the new digital settlement asset foundations, Adhara’s solution range is part of a complimentary digital ecosystem that can deliver unmatched capability and value to your portfolio.

Deposit Token Solution
Real-time visibility and streamlined management of intraday objectives
Interbank Payments
A multi-bank network and scheme for cross border, cross currency payments with atomic settlement
Connecting banks to provide intraday deliverable settlement liquidity (swaps), intraday credit and intraday loans
Reimagines the cash settlement process for Margin to deliver structural cash ratio benefits
CBDC Suite
An in-depth solution for Central Banks to deliver a direct issuance CBDC offering domestically
Our products

Products to engage the ecosystem

A market defining application to functionally engage participants and
services across the ecosystem and the platform to bring the end-to-end
proposition to life

Digital Cash Commander

Consistent visibility, management
and optimization across digital cash solutions

Adhara TestNet

Vehicle for refining strategy and
engaging stakeholders, minimizing bank technology needs

The Adhara Team

Adhara has decades of experience across commercial banking technology, capital markets, blockchain and product design & development

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