Digital Cash Commander

A consistent, professional window through which to engage, test and incrementally evolve business strategies

DC Commander is Adhara’s flagship product and anchor point for all solutions. It provides Treasury a one-stop source for managing liquidity in the digital asset era, assisting in the transition to true intraday optimisation.

Funding Now - Basic
The Funding Now module is responsible for both funding decision support and execution orchestration. It supports Treasury in the active maintenance of their buffers through simple, automated decision making using their existing pre-funded wallets (and on-ramps).

Funding Now - Advanced
Leveraging the new intraday settlement liquidity pool, Funding Now can also orchestrate the connecting and execution of a credit line, loan and liquidity swap. Instant, automated, guaranteed.

Funding Now - APIs
Make multi-factor, quantitative decisions. Funding Now delivers native decision support but also provides the APIs allowing Treasury to plug in their existing analytics and forecasting tools.
For the treasury
  • Aggregates feeds, centralises visibility and consistently involves Treasury into new digital business use cases, including the feeds to new settlement assets which enable RWA savings
  • Optimises and reduces intraday cash buffers through active management of intraday settlement liquidity for a multi-obligation pool
  • Strategically reduces pre-funding requirements through new dynamic intraday funding strategies and new intraday liquidity levers
  • Drives new revenue lines for liquidity makers through access to new liquidity provisioning products
  • Automates bank side business line orchestration, targeting structural risk (RWA), as well as balance sheet benefits and efficiencies

* Note: DC Commander is a core tool for a variety of actors across the Adhara Solutions offering and the new ecosystem, please reach out to find how it may work for you

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