Adhara TestNet

A vehicle for refining strategy and engagement stakeholders

The Adhara TestNet is the first step on an incremental journey to engaging the digital ecosystem. It provides a place for participants to move from concept to practical experience, model future operating models and confidently plan for gradual adoption. The Adhara TestNet minimises resource and bank technology needs whilst ensuring that the road to unlocking structural benefits is started.

Adhara Testnet

The Adhara Testnet is a venue in which banks, central banks and other financial market participants can visualise and prepare for the new ecosystem. It is comprised of a collection of interconnected ecosystems with logical boundaries but can connect to other ecosystems to enable additional functionality.

For participants
  • Brings the end to end digital proposition to life and provides the unparalleled possibility for strategic use case validation
  • Allows the practical design and implementation of new operating models, with the added ability to confidently model and adjust to ensure optimal alignment of new services to business strategy
  • Provides a vehicle for understanding and gradual adoption across multiple areas of the ecosystem without the need for critical mass in a single one area
  • No Bank technology is required as all elements are hosted by Adhara, in partnership with Fnality for settlement assets. Note that the Adhara TestNet includes the Fnality / Adhara Ecosystem TestNet
  • Option for Banks to host in Labs, as required
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