Adhara's Deposit Token Solution

We are specialists in the delivery of Deposit Token & Settlement (liquidity) Token Solutions to Banks & FMIs

Adhara is the market leader in software solutions for global liquidity management, FX, and multi-currency international payments, fueled by bank deposit tokens and settlement tokens

LiquidityHub T.0
A funding and settlement center for multinational banking groups. Provides a group-wide deposit token pool for internal entities and institutional clients, with real time visibility, instant intra-group settlement and connectivity to external wholesale settlement networks through our deposit token solution
PayHub T.0
A group-wide payments hub offering internal entities and institutional clients real time cross border and cross currency payments with dynamic FX pricing, instant clearing, atomic settlement and connectivity to external wholesale payments networks through our deposit token solution
Treasury T.0 for Corporates
A complete solution for banking groups to quickly develop and offer advanced payments and treasury management solutions for corporate clients, including treasury visibility, cash management, real time payments, and FX risk management
For the bank treasury*
  • A consolidated liquidity pool through our Deposit Token Solution to avoid fragmentation and reduce overall liquidity needs, allowing liquidity optimisation across the banking group
  • Real-time, dynamic funding to reduce dependency on forecasting and cash pre-funding
  • Consolidated view of obligations for dynamic settlement, improved risk management and potential netting opportunities
  • Settlement with external counterparties through the hub, reducing dependency on correspondent banks

* For treasuries across the banking group

For the transaction bank
  • Real-time clearing and settlement of international transfers for a banking group and its clients
  • Fully transparent, streamlined payments orchestration to remove settlement and operational risk
  • A comprehensive payments offering, including prioritisation, global reach and dynamic FX capabilities
  • Ability to quickly and efficiently develop new, advanced corporate payments and treasury management services for clients
For bank corporate clients
  • Global treasury visibility of balances and commitments
  • Real-time, on-demand treasury management through customisable cash pooling rules
  • Real-time payments instructed directly to the blockchain with all details known ex ante (e.g applicable FX rates) and immediate visibility of payment status
  • Simplified FX risk management
  • Extension to multibank models through interbank payments networks
For bank institutional clients
  • Branches and subsidiaries yield the same benefits as the bank treasury
  • Access correspondent banking services cost effectively
  • Offer innovative services to corporate clients, leveraging the banking group’s network and services
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