CBDC Suite

An in-depth solution for Central Banks to deliver a direct issuance CBDC offering domestically

Adhara’s CBDC Suite brings together the key components needed for a Central Bank to model and manage being a direct issuer of their currency on their own distributed domestic network.

CBDC Suite
Software to deliver a new direct issuance wholesale CBDC to power innovation in their domestic or regional ecosystem delivers tokenisation of assets providing a real time view and instant settlement.

Central Bank Simulator
The Central Bank Simulator allows for fast prototyping of a complete distributed CBDC RTGS network.
For the central bank
  • Forged in the highest quality initiatives in this sector (Fnality and Project Khoka)
  • Central Bank, participating banks and regulatory authorities are able to become quickly familiar with various governance and operational models, including the risks and benefits of such networks
  • Provides end-to-end tools for managing direct issuance, transfers, limits, value dates, bank onboarding and modelling RTGS connections
  • Benefits to participants include reduced settlement risk, new liquidity options, increased traceability and transparency and simplified reporting and compliance
  • Ability for Commercial Banks to connect from day one (via DC Commander), helping Treasuries manage intraday funding and the orchestration of settlement flows for new domestic digital platforms
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