Providing treasury with new intraday liquidity levers

Instant, intraday FX Liquidity Exchange, Credit and Loans to strategically reduce pre-funding requirements and generate new intraday revenue for Treasury. FundBloc delivers an important part of the new intraday liquidity pool for treasury.

Intraday Credit
Instantly provide or dynamically drawdown on a contracted, guaranteed credit line when settlement liquidity is required
Intraday Loans
Instantly request or respond to requests in real time for an intraday loan when settlement liquidity is required for a set period
Intraday Deliverable Liquidity Swaps
Instantly request or respond to requests in real time for exchanging a cash balance where settlement liquidity is required
For liquidity takers
  • New settlement options allow Treasury to define new strategies to further manage buffers down using intraday instruments
  • New settlement options are guaranteed as the financial instruments are directly connected to the liquidity and pre-cleared
For liquidity makers
  • Opportunity to put natural sources of cash funding to work intraday, in a low risk asset, leading to new revenue streams
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