CBDC Suite

Deliver a direct issuance CBDC offering domestically

An in-depth solution for Central Banks to deliver a direct issuance CBDC offering domestically. Adhara’s CBDC Suite provides the ability for Central Banks to prototype, deploy and deliver the key components needed to model and manage being a direct issuer of their currency on their own distributed (domestic) network.

Key Features
  • Provides Central Banks with the software to deliver a new direct issuance wholesale CBDC to power innovation in their domestic or regional ecosystem
  • End to end tools for managing direct issuance, transfers, limits, value dates, bank onboarding
  • Tooling to connect Commercial banks from day one
Typical use cases
  • Direct issuance distributed CBDC RTGS network
  • Central Bank simulator fir fast prototyping of a complete distributed CBDC RTGS network
  • Creates a practical foundation to develop other digital asset classes and explore interoperability internationally
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