LiquidityHub T.0

Delivering real-time visibility and control of tokenized liquidity to and across the banking group

LiquidityHub T.0 is capable of operating with both Commercial Bank or Central Bank digital cash, across or on the same network. It creates a single version of the truth across branches of your banking group, as well as external market partners. It provides treasury with essential functionality for funding and transfer activities, risk management and pricing.

Key Features
  • Avoids fragmentation, reduces liquidity needs and rationalises correspondent relationships
  • Reduces nostro pre-funding, simplifies intra-group funding, optimizes liquidity buffer management globally
  • Delivers smart, dynamic funding via rules-based automation and decision support tooling
  • Simplifies FX positions and improves risk management
  • Hub is able to settle with external counterparties on behalf of subsidiaries and institutional clients
Typical use cases
  • Establish liquidity hubs to consolidate and make better use of the liquidity pool
  • Achieve a consolidated view of settlement obligations, of different types and priorities, across branches and subsidiaries
  • Implement dynamic, real-time funding to meet intraday needs
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