PayHub T.0

Instant clearing and atomic settlement of international transfers in a designated hubbing currency or across multiple currencies for participants of the banking group

PayHub T.0 provides comprehensive payments orchestration allowing banks to execute 24×7 on tokenized bank accounts, in real time. Payments are created as single digital objects, i.e. smart contracts, with transparent FX rates, pre-cleared liquidity and atomic settlement. Connect to existing accounts for on- and off-ramp or use tokenized accounts as “native digital vostros”.

Key Features
  • Provides a way to create payments as single digital objects, delivering a “single version of the truth” with payment status immediately available, unequivocal and visible by all relevant parties
  • Eliminates settlement risk through pre-cleared liquidity
  • Eliminates messages, avoids errors and the need for reconciliations
  • Provides dynamic FX pricing for cross currency payments (no rate sheet), fixed ex-ante for clients
  • Enables prioritization of payments and explicit netting capability at group level (governance permitting)
  • Hub can also route payments through external interbank payments networks
Typical use cases
  • Ability to submit, clear and accept payments in real-time, with single payment settlements and netting windows supported
  • Grow reach. Multiple FX hops supported with subsidiaries able to terminate payments from other subsidiaries in their domestic systems
  • Hub can route external payments to / from subsidiaries through the Hub’s correspondent bank
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