Treasury T.0 for Corporates

Providing corporate clients with single-entry point access to real-time, global treasury operations for tokenised liquidity, payments and risk management

Treasury T.0 for Corporates delivers advanced treasury management capabilities for corporates of various sizes, from large corporates with in-house banks to SMEs, and puts the Corporate Treasurer at the centre of the digital cash revolution.

Key Features
  • Global, real-time visibility of balances and commitments across geographies
  • On demand treasury management through ability to move funds in real time through customisable physical cash pooling rules.
  • Real-time payments instructed directly through the blockchain, with all details known by relevant parties. Ability to batch payments through netting windows.
  • A simple FX risk management platform to view total currency exposures in the corporate group portfolio and hedging through FX swaps / NDFs.
  • An innovation enabler allowing the swift development of payments and treasury services for corporate clients at a lower cost
Typical use cases
  • A streamlined multi-bank solution through interbank payments networks
  • Desire to see and access liquidity across geographies, in real-time
  • A need for a unified interface to submit payments and consult status
  • Access to new / enhanced capabilities, including: netting, cash pooling, lending, payables and receivables modelling and risk management
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