Interbank Payments T.0

A multi-bank network and scheme for cross currency payments with atomic settlement

Interbank Payments T.0 is a complete platform for interbank cross currency payments, providing real time payments orchestration, dynamic FX pricing and atomic settlement on CBDCs and commercial bank tokenized money.

Key Features

For Payments Network Operators

  • Efficient, cost effective implementation of a digital platform and payments orchestration processes
  • Offer a new payment rail for participants – delivering real-time payments, dynamic FX pricing, and atomic settlement through central bank and/or commercial bank assets
  • Provides a neutral, complete legal and contractual wrapper
For Bank Consortia
  • Use of operator rails to submit payments and cash-related transactions on behalf of clients, fund and manage liquidity (accessing multilateral funding marketplaces), and opportunity to become a liquidity provider and market maker.
  • A global platform and legal scheme to develop and offer advanced cash and treasury services for corporate clients
Typical use cases
  • A global interbank payments network to orchestrate multi-currency payments for multiple banks
  • Creation of a regional payments network
  • A regulated alternative to the use of crypto and unregulated stable coins proliferating in some regions
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